Join us at the Israel-Japan Chamber of Commerce


There are four membership options in the Chamber of Commers Isael-Japan.

Members in the Chamber will have the name of their company in the website.

Also, the name of the company will apper at the area of "Service Givers",

and will include an artical about the compamy in the Newsletter of the


above that, the Member will be invated to take part in expert panal and/or host

special seminars.

Startup companies will count as a begginer company up to three years.

Yearly payment 


Startup Membership      |    500 NIS

Copper Membership      |    1200 NIS

Silver Membership         |    2500 NIS

Gold Membership           |   10000NIS





HaMered st. 29, Tel Aviv


עקבו אחרינו
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